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Donald Trump's attacks on democracy were unprecedented - and Ron Johnson and the GOP went lockstep to strip voting rights and overturn the will of the voters.


Peter Peckarsky supports the effort to remove big money from politics, prevent partisan gerrymandering, and ensure voters can cast a ballot and have that ballot accurately counted as happened in the 2020 Presidential election. But more work must be done to ensure our voting systems are secure and trustworthy.

The 2020 election was NOT stolen - but lack of faith in the results threatens our very democracy. We must ensure voting in this country is secure and that all voters can cast a ballot without any difficulty or obstruction from anyone at any time. 


We are a long way from the hand counted, hand marked paper ballots by which people in many states exercised their absolute right to control our democracy until about 1960 (and which are still in use for about 8% of Wisconsin’s votes). This technology is understood by essentially everyone and can with sufficient effort be made secure.


To understand and secure the election systems currently in use, it is useful and almost essential to have an understanding of, among other things, various aspects of computer hardware and software, cryptography, electrical circuits and signals, internet communications, internet devices, microprocessors, semiconductor design, semiconductor processing , statistics, and telecommunications.


Mr. Peckarsky has the necessary understanding of and familiarity with the above fields. He has actively and successfully participated in election and voter protection efforts in Wisconsin and other states since 2002. He looks forward to supporting such legislation as is necessary to protect each American’s right to vote without difficulty and to have that vote counted as cast.

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