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"Some...see things as they are and ask, "Why?"

I dream things that

never were and ask, 'Why not?'"

~ Senator Robert  F. Kennedy

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PETER PECKARSKY was born & raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A proud graduate of Washington High School, he received his S.B degrees in Electrical Engineering and Political Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his law degree from Case Western Reserve University. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D - Mass.) placed Mr. Peckarsky's senior thesis in the Congressional Record in support of his  opposition to the Anti-Ballistic Missile system.

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Peter worked as an investigative reporter and White House Correspondent in Washington and elsewhere, Peter traveled across the country to hold the powerful accountable and asking hard questions of people in power, including President Gerald Ford, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, President Jimmy Carter, and ex- Secretary of the Treasury John Connally.  Peter has dug into the inside of America's institutions, and he's ready to govern with the same sense of honesty, integrity, and transparency that he has demanded.

In 2017, Peter ran for Chair of the Democratic National Committee as a champion of voter protection and election security because Peter believes that the Democratic Party must represent the voices of the people and hold the powerful to account. He advocated a vote on the final ballot for Keith Ellison's bid for DNC Chair.



Case Western Reserve University

Juris Doctor


S.B. Electrical Engineering and Political Science

Thesis: Computerized Cost-effectiveness Study of Assured Destruction Capability Defense Alternatives

Peter is an attorney and long-time progressive Democrat, working primarily during elections on Voter Protection and Election Protection issues. He was born, raised, and graduated from high school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He received his S.B. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Political Science from MIT and his law degree from Case Western Reserve University. 

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy placed Mr. Peckarsky's senior thesis in the Congressional Record in support of Sen. Kennedy’s opposition to the Anti-Ballistic Missile system.


Peter served as a consultant on strategic nuclear weapons forces and platforms to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations and on intelligence analysis to the Director of Naval Intelligence.

As an attorney, Peter is a lead trial counsel. He has participated in election law, patent, trademark, copyright, antitrust, trade secret, fraud, contract, leveraged buy-out, civil RICO, hedge fund, and securities fraud matters. His career has involved the interaction of law with scientific and technical fields including biotechnology, computer hardware and software, electrical circuits and signals, internet communications, internet devices, medical devices, microprocessors, organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals, physics, quantum mechanics, semiconductor design, semiconductor processing, statistics, and telecommunications.

Peter’s active involvement in electoral politics began when the Republicans announced their intent to prevent alleged “voter fraud”  by placing observers in green vests in Milwaukee wards with a substantial African American population. Peter (and others) suggested the state party organize lawyers to protect the vote. Since then at every general election, the critical primaries, the recalls, and some Supreme Court races Peter has participated actively in efforts to protect the vote.

After the 2004 election, Peter served as lead trial counsel in a contest of the Presidential election in Ohio. He filed a motion which if granted would have put John Kerry in the White House.


In 2006, two co-authors and Peter published an article in which a Republican director of a county board of elections in Ohio admitted that an electronic vote counting system included many votes never lawfully cast in the total vote count reported for the 2004 Presidential election in his county.

​In the 2008 Wisconsin primary Peter and others organized and directed the election protection effort for Barack Obama.


In 2016, Peter worked for three candidates in an effort to elect a Democratic President.


In the 2016 Wisconsin primary, Peter helped run the Primary Day election protection effort for Bernie Sanders. On Election Day, Peter participated in the Clinton election protection effort. After Election Day, by serving as an attorney for the recount efforts of Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Peter tried to have an additional 46 electoral votes certified for Secretary Clinton which would have put her in the White House.

In 2020 and January 2021, Peter was the National Director of a successful Election Software Project for the Presidential elections in AZ, FL, MI, NC, OH, PA, and WI and for the U.S. Senate elections in GA.



  • American Bar Association

  • State Bar of Wisconsin

  • State Bar of California

  • District of Columbia Bar

  • American Intellectual Property Law Association

  • Licensing Executives Society

  • MIT Alumni Association

  • Admitted to practice before:

    • United States Supreme Court​

    • United States Courts of Appeal for the District of Columbia, Federal, and Ninth Circuits

    • United States District Courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin

    • United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan

    • United States District Courts for the Eastern, Western, Southern, Central, and Northern Districts of California

    • United States District Court for the District of Columbia

It's going to take a real progressive to make real progress and Peter is prepared.

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