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Peter's Convention Speech

"My name is Peter Peckarsky and I'm running for the United States Senate where I will fight to codify Roe v. Wade. I support the autonomy of women and girls and am outraged by the illegalities which threaten to deny women and girls the protection of the U.S Constitution. 


The opinion reversing Roe v. Wade was enabled by 5 Justices on the Supreme Court because of elections which observers from our State Department would refuse to certify as free and fair if they had been held abroad.


The observers base their decision on whether the certified result is outside the margin of error of the unadjusted exit poll (UEP) and changes an unadjusted exit poll winner into a certified loser.


In 2004, when the people of Ohio voted, they gave John Kerry 20 Electoral Votes from Ohio and the White House with 52.1% in the UEP. When results outside the MOE of the UEP were certified, Kerry had 48.7% of the vote and the winner put two people on the U.S Supreme Court. A graph showing the 2004 Ohio results and a related letter published by the New York Times were given to you.


In 2016, one of our international election observers wrote an article stating that our November election was not free and fair because the certified results were outside the margin of error of the UEP and turned Hillary Clinton from a certified winner when the people marked their ballots, into a losing candidate. The graphs showing what happened in 2016 to the 70 electoral votes in Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania are in your hands. Those 70 electoral votes added to the 227 she received would have made her President. 


The Wisconsin graph from 2016 was given to you and is here on the stage next to me. It shows Trump with 44.3% of the vote in the UEP and 47.2% when. the computers finished counting. The result is so far outside the MOE that is expected to occur by chance only once ever 2,400 years. That means if elections were held every year from 400 BC until now, that result would only have happened one single time.

The person inaugurated when Hillary lost put three people on the Supreme Court.


Those five Justices resulting from the 2004 and 2016 elections enabled the opinion which overturned Roe.


The graphs also say something disturbing about Wisconsin elections. As shown in the three Wisconsin graphs of Trump in 2016, Feingold in 2016, and Biden in 2020, some person or persons as yet unapprehended have demonstrated the ability to reduce Democratic margins after the ballots are cast by over 100,000 votes.


For example, the unadjusted exit poll shows Biden won in 2020 by over 300,000 votes. His certified winning total was only 20,000. 


In 2020, and January in 2021, I dealt with this issue as National Director of an Election Software Project set up to make sure votes were counted as cast in 7 battleground states in November and Georgia in January 2021.

In 2020, the project made it clear publicly to the makers of the critical vote counting software that if the graphs showed the same wildly unlikely UEP to Vote Count shift as they did in 2004 and 2016, the project was ready to have them in court by 9 AM on Wednesday November 4th.

In 2020, with the ESP active in WI, AZ, FL, MI, NC, OH, and PA, there were no official results outside the MOE which switched even one electoral vote.

Since January, my campaign has been in court addressing issues Democrats face given the WI Constitution and the elections system so we will not have problems in future elections. The complaints are on my website.

We formally invited all the Democratic U.S Senate candidates to join as plaintiffs- so far no one has. 

The problems we are addressing in court have existed for many years during which 3 of the people seeking the nomination for U.S Senate have run statewide and done nothing to end these problems.


With this record, it is for you, the leaders of our party, to ask and for them to say before the primary what they will actually do to protect this election.

As for the oath of office breaking, NRA funded, giver of half a billion dollar tax breaks to a few campaign donors known as Ron Johnson, I just took his positions apart in half a sentence and will do the same during the campaign and the October debate.

My website at shows that because of my education and experience, I am seriously qualified to shred Ron Johnson's policies both on and off the debate stage and to represent all of the people of Wisconsin on the many critical, complicated, technical, and legal issues we face at home, in cyberspace, national security, and foreign affairs. 

You are the leaders of our party. I thank you for your many efforts and I ask for your support and your vote in August and November. 


Thank you very much."

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