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We have a moral and civic obligation to care for our veterans. To the extent they need medical care or counseling or rehabilitation of any type as a result of their service to our country, we have an obligation to attend to their needs and provide for them on a timely basis just as they provided for our entire nation during their time in uniform. We have an obligation to see that they receive the educational and other assistance provided for veterans by law. We have an obligation to see to it that veterans and their families receive the compensation and other services to which they are entitled on time.


Peter Peckarsky is committed to ensuring that the Department of Veterans Affairs must make certain that our nation meets these obligations.  In the event the Department does not meet our obligations, Peter Peckarsky as a Senator will advocate for and seek in the Senate and elsewhere such prompt changes in the funding, operations, and management of the Department, starting with the Secretary, as are required to fulfill our nation’s obligations to our veterans.

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