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Peter Peckarsky understands that economic inequality powers political inequality. The poor and working class have intentionally been left behind since, to pick a random date, about January 20, 1981. This has created, in the 21st century, a two-tiered economy that works to provide what may be close to riskless profits for the rich while working people foot the bill and accept the risks.

Peter Peckarsky supports taking bold action on the economy, including finally raising the minimum wage to at LEAST $15 an hour (this is not to say or accept that $15 an hour for 2,000 hours a year is sufficient to support a family today).


He will also hold large corporations accountable and vote for them to pay their fair share. In addition, Peter Peckarsky supports a wealth tax (a reasonable starting point may be Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s proposal) to ensure that the super-wealthy cannot continue to buy our democracy. 

In the Senate, Peter will also fight for a reasonable Economic Bill of Rights, which would introduce supports that will help Americans become, and stay, more financially stable.

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